Hack. Transform. Repeat.

As lifelong students, we're always ready to learn more about our limits, potential, future and opportunities. Below you'll find some exercises John & I think you'll find rewarding and inspiring. They're meant to help you extend the experience of | STREAM | the book deeper into your life. Feel free to bookmark this page and visit often – we plan on adding content here regularly.


EXERCIsE ONE: Gratitude in motion

Do this exercise anytime you want to genearlly lift your mood, feel inspired, or become more mindful of those around you that are doing great things for you.


EXERCISE TWo: You are a superhero

Do this exercise as you begin to assess yourself to develop a self improvement plan, or as you restructure your team and want to understand how you can work together to exponentially multiply your output.


EXERCISE Three: possibilities

This exercise is designed to help you narrow your focus to achieve what you're reasonably capable of today, given constraints. If you're experiencing difficulty turning your thoughts into action, this one's for you.