Exercise Two: You are a Superhero

Do this exercise as you begin to assess yourself to develop a self improvement plan

Time: Approx. 3 Minutes

This is a creative thought process that does not require anything other than an open and honest mindset. Remember, this is just about you and it’s personal – you do not need to share this with anyone. Ask yourself these three questions, and answer honestly:

  1. What is your nemesis?

    Remembering that the problem IS the solution can be one of your most valuable growth hacks.

  2. What makes you, “you”?

    What defines you? This should be a character trait, not something you’ve done before.

  3. What is your superpower?

What do you do better than anyone else? You may find that there is something you’re great at that you don’t think is useful, but when you realize what it is, you can find ways to leverage it to your advantage. In other words, it can be your greatest weakness, or greatest source of strength.

How was your experience?