John Klymshyn

John is driven by a deep desire to heal.

As a professional writer, speaker and business coach, John creates authentic and relatable content in an effort to connect-with and inspire those around him.

John is well published, with works ranging from professional self improvement to abstract fantasy, and can be found hosting executive “mountain-top” experiences, coaching sales teams at Fortune 100 companies, creating music with a band, hosting a podcast, or writing his next great work.


Isaac Naor


Beginning every day in search of wonder + discovery, Isaac is a professional designer, inventor and futurist.

He can be found designing + creating products ranging from software to physical objects, and his work stems from a life-long pursuit of discovering the next great creative act.

His collaboration with co-author John Klymshyn (which started with STREAM: Hack Your Consciousness) has expanded to illustrations, inventions and experiences that seek to inspire and elevate thought, action and results.