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Want John & Isaac to come and speak at your next team gathering?

The authors help coach teams and team leaders on how to predictably and reliably enter flow-states and achieve peak performance

Skill, will, talent, ability…? What is the critical alchemy that will cohesively bring your team together?

All, and yet no combination of these, finishes the formula. Teams thrive and win by “flipping the switch” – thinking, moving, acting as one. And getting there takes work.

Open minds by engaging Klymshyn & Naor to address, entertain and inspire your audience.

From Seal Team members to sporting tournament winners, from corporate innovation divisions, to start up incubators and design teams, Klymshyn & Naor have had unparalleled access to creative processes, theories and accomplishments. Distilling them into performances and inspiringly interactive experiences, the presenters offer a conversation that becomes more than a conversation, prompting your audience to think, create and execute.

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