Step Into STREAM


Quantum physics, common interests, curiosity and being ready for lunch were the unstoppable forces that put John & Isaac at the same place at the same time...

Surrounded by ideas and enthusiasm, a conversation bubbled up.

Isaac Naor explains: “It began with why each of us had come there, and how close both of us were to leaving.

We were looking for breakthrough speaking sessions and interesting people.

As our conversation progressed, we unearthed common interests. With each subsequent thought and question, I found myself deeper in flow, and as it turns out, John felt the same.”

Creativity, invention, flow, possibility and the untapped power of our minds kept us talking.

Klymshyn agrees: “After more conversations and brainstorming sessions (which led to exercises and experiences with and for clients), we stepped into constantly expanding space.

We became collaborators, writing and recording a new Audio Book in real-time which, to our knowledge had never been done before.

Now, our work continues to expand.”


Look forward to illustrations of quotes, created both in and out of STREAM.

Listen to our podcasts – where we continue the STREAM conversation and bring in fascinating guests, to explore new space and what each person got from STREAM, as well each how each person gets into and benefits from flow-states.


Learn to enter your own flow states.

Intentionally. Reliably.